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Product Code: TRNNDMP097

DDR2-533Unbuffer Non-ECC MemoryCL=4
Engineered from the ground up specifically for use in portable computers, Transcend’s notebook modules use the highest grade, brand-name DRAM chips available, which are selected only after passing of our stringent performance and stability evaluation, including rigorous testing in extreme environments. These compact memory modules offer an unrivaled level of compatibility and stability that far outclasses the competition. Suitable for use in notebooks of virtually every brand and type, Transcend memory modules are at the heart of many high-quality, extremely reliable computers. Moreover, to assure ultimate cross-platform compatibility and stability, each module is tested in many different system configurations that include mainstream notebooks and popular software programs.

Price: P973.00


Order Information

  • Capacity: 512MB
  • Description: 512MB DDR2 533 SO-DIMM 4-4-4